Viral Fashion

Social media has played such a crucial role in consumers behaviours in recent years, so it should come as no surprise that the fashion industry would feel the effects.

Artistic and unusual fashion moments from the year rose to popularity through the internet. Online creatives jumped on the opportunity to commemorate outlandish and satirical fashion displays through inventive ‘meme’ formats. Gucci even commissioned viral creators to turn their original imagery for their Le Marche des Merveilles collection of watches into memes to be posted on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts. Memes are being embraced by the fashion elite, and the meme makers are embracing the fashion world.

Some of the years most popular fashion trends being celebrated included, Gucci Designer, Alessandro Michele’s Fall 2018 collection. His models walked the runway and carried lifelike replicas of their heads, which created an eerie and memorable performance. Stills from the runway event went viral, both the fashion and the performative aspects of the show were highly discussed across social media platforms.

Another popular edition was Gvasalia’s collaboration with Crocs in Balanciaga’s Spring 2018 runway. The partnership debuted a boisterous selection of Croc-platform hybrids, which mixed high-end fashion with childlike whimsy. The collection once again caught the attention of social media savants, who were equally amused and shocked by the surprising twist on the classic footwear brand.

Style surprises have dominated the internet in 2018, with designers leaning into satirical and out-of-the-box choices, which resonated with and engage social media viewers.