Waste Management Course

Environmental sustainability has become increasingly important to consumers as they make their purchasing decisions. Therefore, brands and manufacturers alike have had to find new and inventive ways of managing their waste in order to appeal to this new environmentally conscious consumer.

To help industry officials in their quest to create an eco-friendlier business model, footwear and environmental experts Footwearists are making sustainability achievable for any footwear company. The organisation has developed a course which teaches participants about waste management strategies and is taking enrollments now.

he course stretches over five days and will be held in the Netherlands, which is home to some of the world’s most advanced waste management systems. The event includes classes, lectures, brainstorms and private consultations to ensure participants receive a well-rounded and personalised education. The course is tailored to industry professionals including manufacturers, material suppliers, retailers or brand ambassadors, bringing sustainability to all areas of the footwear industry.

Industry officials will no longer wonder what happens to their footwear once they have been discarded by their consumers. Instead, they will leave the event with a thorough understanding of waste management systems, and the ability to implement procedures which will make their company more environmentally sustainable.