Taiwanese Wei Ling Chang graduated from FIT in New York City and enjoys designing, drawing and rollerblading. Her family influenced her decision to enter the fashion industry. “Both my grandmas and my mom taught me to design and sewing,” Chang said. “When I was five, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, and I styled my own outfits.”

Chang prefers the design process and frequently works with sample makers. She values sustainability and design in her practice. Her brand, Weiling Chang, started in 2013 when a friend wanted to sponsor her clothes. Building her business is front of mind for Chang and is looking for stockists around the globe. She is currently working on her online presence including an online store which is in the works.

Inspired by several designers, Chang explained that various things like paintings and architecture also influence her. Chang’s friend who is also a designer is what drew her to Vancouver Fashion Week. “Vancouver Fashion Week let my brand be known.”