"WHAT are you wearing," asks the ReCreate team in their Kickstarter video, which you can view here:

They produce designer clothes that appeal to the ‘socially aware, environmentally minded and the fashion conscious’, all the while challenging us to think about the process of creation behind the garments we wear. There have been so many horror stories from the garment factories of the world, where workers are forced to endure appalling conditions. Long hours, no ventilation, monotonous tasks, little and in some cases no pay. It’s not pleasant, but it’s something that needs to be considered.

ReCreate aims to provide a solution AND start a conversation about this issue through their Kickstarter project by producing a luxury range of everyday basics, made in a sewing centre that they've helped establish in Cambodia - proving that it's possible to have quality design and ethical production in your wardrobe.

Their fundraising deadline will pass in a week, so do your bit and donate at the link above!

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