A sustainable New Zealand beauty brand has taken it upon themselves to make sure your 100 percent recyclable packaging is actually being recycled.

Since launching her eponymous brand in 2019, Emma Lewisham, Lewisham’s mission is to make a meaningful impact in the flawed beauty industry. Her 100 percent clean skincare line embodies the brand’s belief that luxurious and effective products do not have to compromise your health or the planet.

Emma Lewisham has partnered with Terracycle to launch New Zealand’s first sustainable beauty initiative for all brans of facial skincare products. The initiative is called Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, and it will be a free, incentive-based recycling programme to ensure all skincare beauty products are kept in circularity. It’s one thing to package your products with sustainable and recyclable packaging, but it’s another to encourage consumers to actually partake in sustainable recycling habits.

Emma Lewisham will not only offer this service to her loyal customers, but she will extend this service for everyone within the facial skincare industry.

The aim of this initiative to is mitigate mass-waste produced from beauty companies and repurposing materials that would have otherwise been destined for landfill.

Through Lewisham’s extensive and long research, she has realised that the enormity of the beauty packaging problem came to a very blunt conclusion: the local beauty industry needs to collectively change (and fast), to maintain our clean, green Kiwi ethos.

“Plastic and other material in the beauty industry is not going to go away anytime soon, that’s unrealistic, so we need to find solutions that solve the situation at hand,” said Lewisham.

To participate in the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, consumers are encouraged to create a TerraCycle account, and once their account is activated, they can download a free shipping label to post their facial beauty products straight to TerraCycle for recycling. All brand’s facial beauty products are accepted, and TerraCycle asks to have a minimum four items per shipping label at a time. Moreover, consumers will receive a $15 Emma Lewisham voucher for their efforts.

It honestly does not get easier than this, free shipping labels and get rewarded for your efforts. Recycling made easy.