In creating this hair look, L’Oréal Professionnel Artist, Michael Beel was inspired by the clean silhouettes of the garments. The style was designed with an edge to it as well as keeping with the gestalt of NZ fashion.

Create the look:
Place Tecni.Art Liss Control+ Smoothing Serum throughout the hair with Tecni.Art Pli Thermo Modelling Spray. Directional blow-dry all the hair towards the crown, keeping it smooth and sleek.
Pull all the hair into a high sleek ponytail but leave out and encourage fly-aways around the hairline.
Separate ponytail into two and plait each one while leaving the ends out.
Secure into a high plaited bun and spray ends with Infinium Pure Hairspray to strengthen texture.
Spray Tecni.Art Crepage de Chignon Mineral Powder Fixing Spray around hairline to exaggerate fly-aways.