Perino by Woolyarns is a collection of premium yarns for high-end garments and accessories. As pioneers of merino and possum yarns, Woolyarns has continued to develop and create innovative products. For example, they have created a new version of Perino yarn called Perino Cirrus. The highest quality Cashmere fibre replaced the Merino content and the most premium grade of Mulberry silk was introduced. Both combined with an exclusive dehaired Brushtail Possum down. Knitted garments or accessories that use Perino yarns possess a distinctive halo-like layer that looks as opulent as it feels. Across the globe, it is important that brands have a distinct point of difference. One of the best ways to make your garments even more unique is to use local materials such as the new Perino Cirrus or New Zealand Brushtail Possum yarn. The Brushtail Possum fibre used in Woolyarns’ fine spun yarns are sustainably sourced and carefully selected from specific New Zealand regions. Woolyarns and Perino also has a strong partnership with the New Zealand Fur Council and the Department of Conservation in preserving and protecting New Zealand’s unique ecosystem. Find out more about Perino yarns new collection, visit www.perinoyarns.com.