DK Distribution NZ imports a range of Scandinavian and European jewellery and accessory brands with Dyrberg/Kern and Joidart being their most popular longstanding iconic brands. Other brands include Lily and Rose, Edblad, Markberg (leather handbags/ gloves), and Bella Ballou (scarves). These brands provide seasonal collections and variations that invite excitement and interest.

All the brands that DK Distribution import have amazing female designers. Their brands are all based on the classic Scandi principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Moreover, Joidart is made in Spain by local artisans, showcasing a unique handmade aesthetic. DK Distribution is omnichannel. Trading under the Dyrberg/Kern brand, it has e-commerce and retail stores in Wellington and Christchurch. They hope to amplify their presence in the North Island and New Zealand as a whole. 

Dyrberg/Kern itself is jewellery from Denmark and is still led by Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern themselves. The design duo has been with the brand since 1985 and has created exclusive handcrafted designs that reflect modern simplicity. Dryberg/Kern aims to offer every woman the exquisite feel of luxury every day. It’s Scandi-beauty and cool competence that is in the brand’s DNA which allows every piece of Dyrberg/Kern jewellery to be recognised in the streets. Accessorize with pieces that range from elegant and dainty through too big and bold. The choice is yours. Their all-time classics still remain being the Louise Earring, Conian Bracelet and the Ette Necklace.  

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