As a Whitecliffe Fine Arts graduate, Alexandra Dodds began to create hand crafted jewellery through self-taught technique. Wearing her creations while working at a café, she sparked interest from her customers that inspired her to create her own jewellery brand.

Taking a capsule collection to New York, Dodds now works full time on her collection. From her Auckland based studio Dodds casts seasonless creations in silver and gold with limited edition releases. Influenced from her sculptural work at Whitecliffe Dodds’ first collections were contemporary knuckle dusters. Refining her design process, Alexandra Dodds’ precious metal jewellery is becoming finer and attracting refined recognition from global publications including international Vogues and Harper’s Bazaar. From extensive experimentation of metalsmith techniques, Dodds is organically building her brand. Materials are locally sourced, recyclable and set with ethical gemstones.

Originally inspired by ‘make your own’ jewellery magazines as a child and now inspired by natural landscapes and a need to create everyday style, Dodds is enjoying her new line of work. Her friendship with other designers such as Miss Crabb have helped her break into the industry and Dodds is now growing at her own pace. To find out more, email