Relatively new to the beauty industry, Arture began organically in 2015 when owner Yun Liu found a gap in the market for New Zealand made, natural skincare products that could significantly improve problem skin as effectively as facials from a medispa. Arture invites customers to ‘discover the art of nature’, and the brand’s name is a blend of these keywords, to reflect the creativity of the products and celebrate the natural beauty of their ingredients.

Liu moved to Auckland from Shanghai at just 10 years old and it was there that she gained a number of degrees in a range of fields including business, psychology and automotive engineering. Liu has always drawn inspiration from strong female world leaders and found working in typically male-dominated industries gave her a stronger identity as a woman,”it made me realise that I can do whatever I set my mind to and that success takes hard work and determination.” With a passion for designing and racing sports cars, Liu had never anticipated working in the beauty industry, although growing up with creative parents, she always had an innate passion for creating. It was through her personal experience with oily skin and a struggle to find an effective solution, that gave Liu the desire to take matters into her own hands.

Liu spent two years working with the laboratory perfecting the formula for Arture’s signature Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Cream, with ingredients including natural crystals and botanicals such as safflower, grape seed oil, aloe vera and rosehip oil. Her other two products then followed, with a long creative journey of their own. “I have personally been using these products since trial and have stopped using any other products for breakouts and going to medispas for facial treatments.”

Besides collaborating with the laboratory team and enlisting design and packaging professionals, Liu handles most of the business herself and felt a strong importance to create Arture ethically, “I’m a mum, so I know what it’s like trying to do the best for you and your child, and we don’t want nasty chemicals on our children or us. I’m an animal lover, so I’ll never use animal testing on any of my products, and whenever I have the chance, I will want to help an animal charity. I know what makes a business sustainable, it is being socially responsible and giving back to the community that helped the business grow from its grassroots, that’s how we can create a better world and continue the cycle of love and care for each other.”

To make Arture’s benefits accessible for all, Liu is currently focusing on getting the brand stocked in pharmacies across New Zealand and has her sights set on selling internationally in the future saying, “my goal is for the Arture brand to be as world famous as brands like Trilogy and Manuka Doctor, so that more New Zealand made products can make a mark in the world.”