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Emma Peters, founder and CEO of Aleph Beauty, was a professional makeup artist working in the industry for the better part of three decades, working in various industries such as film, fashion, television, advertising and everything in between. 

In conjunction with her passion for beauty, Peters is interested in health and wellness. During her time as a makeup artist, she was disappointed with the products she was using as they didn't align with her values of caring for people and the planet and being animal-friendly. 

"In creating Aleph Beauty, I wanted something that reflected my values while performing to the highest standards," said Peters. 

People, planet, and animal-friendly are central to Aleph Beauty's ethos and can influence every aspect of the business, with decisions that are actively made with these values in mind. 

"We are passionate about inspiring people to make conscious choices and believe that sustainability should be the new norm."

Aleph Beauty was created to empower creativity and confidence in wearers while simultaneously being efficient and easy to use and aligned with Peters' values for making conscious lifestyle choices. 

The brand allows the consumer to own less and waste less, bringing minimalism into a beauty world that is often overwhelming.

Peters is inspired by nature, filtering this inspiration into her products, with Aleph Beauty's cheek and lip tint shade mimicking that of a freshly bitten lip, pinched cheek, and blood flushed under the skin as it's illuminated by the sun. 

The range is designed to be universally flattering, hitting the sweet spot between warm and cool to suit most people. 

Aleph Beauty is highly customisable to cater to varying consumer tastes. Every product is crafted harmoniously to work together to create endless textures, shades, and finishes. 

"It is alchemy at your fingertips. Aleph is redefining beauty and giving consumers a no-compromise choice regarding makeup and skincare."

All products are sustainable and proudly cruelty-free. Peters' proudest achievement has been growing an extensive business, which by necessity encompasses everything from product development to marketing distribution from the ground up to the five-year mark.

Moving forward, Peters hopes to continue to expand beyond New Zealand and share the cleanest, most conscious makeup with the rest of the world.