Celine Chapman of Céline Rita



It started with a sewing room during AUT's summer holidays and has turned into a classic brand with its own store in Newmarket and an impressive, loyal following. Céline Rita was created from custom dresses for events, fashion shows for friends, and an organic social media campaign. Celine Chapman, Celine Rita's Designer, finds it hard to pin down the true Céline Rita woman. Her clothing does not have an age limit and she often helps mother daughter couples when they shop together in store. Her references may explain this as she finds inspiration in history and culture but explores this subject so thoroughly that it comes through in subtle tones in her clothing, giving her clothes a wide appeal. Her Winter collection was inspired by F. Scot Fitzgerald. She not only took on the flapper dress aspect of The Great Gatsby, but explored the magic of writing, Paris in the 1920's and love without complete optimism. Like this collection, Celine embraces her love of fashion but stays a realist by not following trends. What she loves about fashion is colour but what she does not love about fashion are fads.  After studying Fashion Design at AUT, Celine’s proudest moment is being a part of the New Generation show at Fashion Week in 2010 and opening her Newmarket store.

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