Chelsea Simpson, Stolen Girlfriends Club

Chelsea Simpson recently moved to New Zealand in 2012 and started working for Stolen Girlfriends club as their production manager, graphic designer, textile designer and social media coordinator. She studied Applied Fashion Design and Technology in the Gold Coast where she was born and raised. At first, Simpson wanted to be an Environmental Scientist, however after studying chemistry and ecosystems at university she decided that her ‘save the planet’ attitude was on a more personal level and left to pursue a degree in fashion the following year.

The variety and contrast of jobs available at Stolen Girlfriends Club is something Simpson really loves, from dealing with offshore suppliers to creative control on yardage prints. “I love being able to work with such an amazing team and having various roles allows me to always be doing something different,” explains Simpson. While working at Stolen Girlfriends Club, she has learned not to take life so seriously. “My boss is a great example of that. I am a super organised person but sometimes things are out of my control, I have definitely grasped how to deal with that and how to focus on resolving issues rather than fixating on them." When asked if she had any advice for someone wanting to get into fashion, Simpson said “Work hard, go for it and intern! There are so many behind the scene jobs in fashion such as production, that interning for labels allows you to witness first hand.”