Deadly Ponies Voyage

Part of the Deadly Ponies' Fall/Winter offering, this Voyage collection celebrates the explorer in all of us, with a campaign inspired by the original ‘working man’s suit’, collaborating with artist Richard Malloy on this concept.

While travel to faraway destinations still feels, quite literally, a world away; this year has been an opportunity to rediscover our own backyards and some of our most-loved hidden locations. Staying put has allowed for relishing in our local establishments, and discovering the true beauty of the places we call home. Deadly Ponies' FW21 Voyage collection cultivates this creativity and united community, celebrating the explorer in all of us.

The campaign explores taking traditional corporate elements further into a more playful space, with installation artist Richard Malloy creating each work in situ. Having worked with Malloy on previous DP Voyage campaigns, the brand looked to further elevate the concept.

“I was also inspired by the Art the Mask series by New York artist, Saul Steinberg - taking the idea of something that was really serious and formal, juxtaposed with a playful and childlike mask. Our Voyage capsule plays on this, finding the playful and creative aspects wherever you are," explained Liam Bowden, Deadly Ponies Creative Director.

The collection will be available online tomorrow at 6pm or instore on Wednesday the 24th March 2021.