Incredibles 2

After 14 years and massive expectations, Disney and Pixar have delivered the sequel of the 2004 hit by writer-director Brad Bird, Incredibles 2. The animated film’s production design is brilliant, and the dynamic and modernity are conveyed through the use of colour, architecture and design.

Incredibles 2 uses fashion as a way to express the character’s personality and does it well.

Three women were part of Pixar’s costume team and worked closely to create the clothes and character designs for the film. Bryn Imagire, shading art director, Fran Kalal, tailoring lead and Deanna Marsigliese, character artist, are behind Edna’s dramatic and bold wardrobe, Evelyn Deavor’s bohemian style and faux-fur composed outfits and Elastigirl’s sexy statement costumes. Inspired by mid-century fashion, contemporary lines and classic Butterick patterns immerses us into the story and makes us believe in the characters even more.