Kimberley Franklin, Massey University

Emerging designer Kimberly Franklin travelled to iD Fashion Week from Massey University to present her graduate collection which is described as ‘fashion made for humans’. “As a young woman, I was taught to chop and change my body for the viewer's definitions of femininity but never was I taught to take hold of my physical capabilities and power of embodiment. ‘I am Human’ takes hold this tensions of power and objectified feminine features and creates a cohesive vision of becoming in womanhood today,” explained the designer.

Franklin’s inspirations vary from social issues to her own childhood, and like-minded designers. “Learning to sew introduced me to physical creation with a functional and artistic purpose. Fashion and dress influence so much about how we live; the process is intoxicating,” she articulated. In terms of style, Franklin was heavily inspired by British designers who push the boundaries of fashion such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. “I don’t see myself as a commercial designer or working within a commercial market. I would prefer to work in research and innovation.” When it comes to translating her skills and passions into a career Franklin has expressed both her excitement and gratefulness for the opportunities that have come her way. “iD is certainly the biggest opportunity I have had, so hopefully getting this exposure will reinvigorate my hunger to create and design.” The designer presented four looks for iD Fashion Week, and the highlight of the collection for Franklin was her inventive colour scheme, as it summarised her creative and boundary-challenging aesthetic. “Individually each colour is so different than placing them together with the social connotations of the colours takes the viewer aback.”