Leatherworld Paris: A platform for leather sourcing and related materials

Leatherworld Paris follows a successful show last September by welcoming new products and producers from around the globe. Raw materials and leather goods producers will flock from China, India, Tunisia, Turkey and Peru, bringing with them their craft skills in accessories, footwear, clothing and luggage. Some of the producers and manufacturers coming are:

Awaq Paqocha, a Peruvian textile uses high-quality alpaca fibre to spin and weave an assortment of handmade textile products. They present superior quality products with creative and timeless designs. They also boast a clean and sustainable supply chain, working closely with Quechua craftsmen.

ECOPEL, a global faux fur textile and apparel manufacturer with a vertically integrated supply chain that stretches from fabrics to garments. For more than 15 years ECOPEL’s engineers have been looking for innovative solutions to ease the maintenance, warmth and durability of faux fur.

Kolunsag Muflon are Turkish specialists for sheepskin-type, cosy fabrics, who have been developing high-quality and eco-friendly fleeces.

Leather Concept Design are a leather goods workshop based in the suburbs of Tunis. The Leather Concept Design team is certified and tight-knit; they produce high-quality goods and continue to develop their clientele base both locally and internationally.