Liar the Label

Nisha Abey’s decision to incorporate sustainable practices into her brand Liar the Label came as a strike against the wasteful tendencies of the industry. “It was knowing the realities behind how fast fashioned is manufactured, from unsustainable work environments for the workers to toxic chemicals used to dye fabrics and where these disposable trends end up,” explained Abey. So, while this brand may grow and evolve, they are committed to staying consistent with their eco-friendly message. “Our underlying morals stay with us; to produce styles that are cool and of the best quality while not damaging or impacting the environment or workers who help us in the process.”

“We want to continue evolving this huge sustainable movement – as we are certain that is the only future.”

Making sustainability stylish is one of Abey’s mission, as the brand works to fight against the negative impression of ethical fashion. “I used to have a perception of ethical fashion as daggy and hippy, and something that I would personally never buy,” Abey admitted. But she is committed to changing the perception of sustainable fashion, by ensuring her brand combines sustainability with desirability. “We want to continue evolving this huge sustainable movement – as we are certain that is the only future,” she continued. Liar the Label incorporates strong trends with timeless style to create garments which will appeal to their youthful consumers and stay in their wardrobe forever. Creating new styles without also creating additional waste is imperative for the company. “We target 14-26-year-old females, as we feel they are the change-makers,” related Abey. “This age bracket has the world at their fingertips, living in a fast pace, digital reality and are making smart decisions about what they are spending their money on.”

Liar the Label has started to really break into the market, as their sustainable practices paired with enduring style have drawn the attention of consumers in the search for socially responsible fashion. “Our products are starting to stand out from the crowd over the last year or so. I believe this is because we are continuing to follow our beliefs and staying true to the ethical practices we stand by.”


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