With Christmas just around the corner, WORLD has released a limited range of leather bags spanning across three styles, each with three colour ways. Each bag in the inaugural leather goods collection has been named after one of the three flagship stores in New Zealand.

"When we created the tote, I carried the prototype around with me for six months to see how it performed, and was asked every day 'where did you buy your bag?' and I knew we were on to a winner," said Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, WORLD.

The collection draws it's colour reference from the depths of nature, including coal, coral, clay, tanzanite, peridot and tourmaline.

"People can often let themselves down, as they will spend an enormous amount of time on their outfit, but not what they carry, and it says so much about who you are, it is as important as everything else you wear," said L'Estrange-Corbet.