Marine Serre: Post-apocalyptic SS 2020 collection

Marine Serre's Paris Fashion Week show showed us what the world would look like if we fail to put a stop in climate change. The show was titled 'Marée Noire', which translates to 'black tide'. Marine Serre does not normally work with black textiles, however, she opened this show with an array of darker pieces to highlight the severity of our real-world climate disaster.

Marine Serre's gives us nerve-wracking imagery of our earth being a wasteland of oil and water. The ominous theme of the venue and the show emphasised the meaning behind the pieces even more.

This collection features dark structured pieces with a few oil-slick-like PVC raincoats. It also includes bright reds in the form of long-line suits and a slightly whimsical take on some of her pieces that feature mesh detailing and intricate patterns.

Marine Serre's work is known for its focus on sustainability, where collections are made 30%-50% from upcycled materials.