Meet the Buyer: Le Rogers, Sisters On London

Meet Le Rogers the buyer at Sisters On London

Sisters on London is a small boutique destination shop, run by a mother-daughter duo in central Hamilton. The boutique's focus is on small concise collections that have been handpicked for women. From teenagers to the more mature lady, they hope to provide all with quality fashion. 

Le Rogers started the boutique with over ten years of experience in fashion retail, however, buying was something completely new to her. She considers herself to still be learning on the job, but her keen eye and adoration for fashion has certainly helped the selection of her pieces. Rogers's favourite part about buying is being able to add some of her own personality to the store, what she would call a ‘street edge feel.’

When looking for designers, Rogers puts emphasis on quality and sustainable fashion. Because she selects smaller capsule collections, most of her labels tie in with one another and you won’t see many multiples of the product. Sisters on London will occasionally follow seasonal trends but places more emphasis on great classic pieces and wardrobe staples. 

In-store price points vary at Sisters On London, they stock streetwear and higher-end luxury brands, but no matter the price tag, Rogers confirms that she loves all the pieces they buy. The store has been in Hamilton for about 15 years, with Rogers only taking it over three years ago. She has noted the positive changes in the industry, particularly when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Covid restrictions made Rogers more considerate in her buying. She tried to ensure that her product was exactly what she wanted and nothing less. With lockdowns on the decline, she hopes to see a reduction in the loungewear trend, with customers wanting to dress up and get excited about fashion after being stuck inside for so long. 

Rogers would love to chat with any potential designers and encourages them to get in touch at