New Zealand menswear retailer Barkers has joined forces with Parisian to design and develop a new range to be sold in store. The range incorporates a selection of Italian made wool pocket squares and New Zealand made ties and bow ties, both of which are produced in the same fabric as to be interchangeable with each other.

“What makes this partnership special is that we came together in a truly collaborative manner and that has delivered real results. Not only do we each benefit from the co-branding, but the combined input into the creative process gives rise to a uniquely developed product,” said John Crompton, managing director, Parisian.

Crompton said the shift in value for New Zealand made products has granted the two brands an opportunity to develop a partnership that has organically grown to now include a range of accessories.

“Having the ability to visit your production line in central Auckland is pretty much impossible in the menswear trade these days but it’s possible with Parisian. John and his highly skilled team are always willing to collaborate on new projects and being locally based they are able to move quickly with special requests and approvals when needed,” said Mike Kitchen, buyer, Barkers.

The colour palette of the range ties in with the Barkers Winter 16 main collection, and is available both in store and online.