Sports and streetwear brand ilabb has collaborated with some of the world’s top athletes to develop a new athletic line, syndicate. Since its inception, the brand has been rapidly expanding and as their family of action sports athletes grew, so did the need to create a range of athletic-wear for them to train in.

Back in 2014, the ilabb design team began collaborating with its athletes to create its very own athletic line.

Its team of world-leading ilabb athletes shared what they needed for successful training sessions, as well as road-testing the cuts, silhouettes and fabric. The resulting range not only looks good, but it stands up to the most gruelling workouts too.

Innovations in the syndicate range include, high-visibility fashion, glow-in-the-dark and reflective prints and detailing as well as advances in technology, including compressive fabrication to help mimic and support muscle groups and blood flow.