A Chinese sneaker brand has recently revealed its logo, which has caused a dramatic response due to its similarities with that of American sportwear company, Under Armour. The Chinese brand, Uncle Martian, uses the same inverted U symbol as Under Armour, with the only difference being in the way the two letters connect.

“Uncle Martian’s uses of Under Armour’s famous logo, name and other intellectual property are a serious concern and blatant infringement. Under Armour will vigorously pursue all business and legal courses of action,” said a spokesperson from Under Armour.

Matt Priest, president of Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America took the opportunity to speak out about the growing levels of counterfit products coming out of the Chinese region.

“Some might say, ‘Welcome to the club Under Armour.’ There is a history of the litany of famous global brands that have run into this challenge in China in particular. Counterfeiting comes with success. If you’re a globally desirable brand, which Under Armour has become in a pretty short amount of time, that will come with counterfeiting,” said Priest.