Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is set in the life of fashion designer, Reynolds Woodcock, who’s neat and organised life is seen disrupted by a determined woman who soon becomes his lover and muse.

The movie takes place in 1950’s London and features beautifully crafted gowns inspired by successful designers such as Balenciaga, Dior and Charles James. Costume designer, Mark Ridges, designed for the movie with the will to determine the character’s personalities through their costumes. He said: “I just try to tell their story and how their outside reflects their inside.”

The post-war designs accurately illustrate the fashion of the time with the use of fabrics such as silk and velvet and the iconic hourglass silhouette of Dior. Lace appears to be the hallmark of the House of Woodcock and is applied to most of the garments throughout the film. One dress is even composed of Flemish lace dating from the 1700’s. The influence of London’s fashion is depicted through the use of dark colours and woollen fabrics.