International footwear brand Timberland has announced a new partnership with Thread fabric to release a range of shoes and bags made from plastic bottles sourced from developing countries. The collection is set to be released in spring 2017 and uses materials collected from the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras.

“Any time we find an opportunity to create both environmental and social value, that’s a big win. And Thread does just that,” said Colleen Vien, director of sustainability, Timberland.

Thread’s environmentally sustainable textiles have created clean neighbourhoods and jobs for thousands of people in the developing world, making it a harmonious business partnership for Timberland, who have a history of community work in Haiti.

“Working together transparently, we’re able to look beyond recycled materials toward the rich social impact consumers care about and the stories that bring beautiful products to life,” said Ian Rosenberger, chief executive officer, Thread.