portugal’s best innovative designs get showcased in new york

Shoe brand APICCAPS has partnered with ANIVEC (National Association of Clothing and Apparel Industries) and AORP (Association of Goldsmithing and Watchmaking of Portugal) to showcase Portugal’s quality craftsmanship during the footwear trade event PROJECT Sole, in New York.

The organisations have partnered as part of a unique “Made in Portugal” initiative and displayed Portugal’s quality craftsmanship with a brilliant installation showcasing some of the country’s best footwear, apparel and accessory brands.

“We believe Portuguese footwear exports to the US can double in the coming years. Our idea is to make a global presentation of the Portuguese footwear.” says Luís Onofre, designer and President of APICCAPS. “We’re sure that when the American customers discover the quality of the Portuguese footwear they won’t trade it for anything else.”