SIT’s Accommodation Bursary

With a change in government and the announcement of the implementation of a free tertiary education policy from the beginning of 2018, students beginning their studies next year have a wealth of opportunity available.

New Zealand’s new Labour-led coalition Government has indicated that their policy will see the first year of tertiary education free to anyone who has not previously been enrolled at a tertiary education organisation. While fantastic for students that fit into this category, SIT does not want to leave out opportunity for those studying that are not in their first year and who cannot access such benefits.

This is where Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) can be beneficial to all students. Their programmes will still be covered by the Zero Fees Scheme whether first year or not. Tuition is free of charge and only direct material costs apply. This scheme is available to New Zealand citizens, residents and permanent residents residing in New Zealand while studying, and applies to almost all courses, both on campus and by SIT2LRN distance learning.

In addition, SIT will also be offering the Mayor Tim Accommodation Bursary from 2018 for all students eligible for the Government’s Fees Free policy. Students who are eligible, as first year, first time tertiary students, will be offered shared accommodation at SIT’s apartments in Invercargill for free, or alternatively, $100 per week for 40 weeks’ accommodation supplement, regardless of whether the student is living at home or renting in Invercargill. Final conditions of SIT’s free accommodation offer will be released with the Government’s finalisation of the free tertiary education policy.

SIT is excited to be able to offer all students affordable, quality education. Apply now to launch your future.