Software Solution: Asset tracking and management

Providing location-aware data, Acuity Brands announced today the launch of Atrius Assets. This software solution is designed to help a medium-sized and big-box retailer track location and back-haul data for enhancing processing, managing equipment and improving customer experiences - all while optimising interior layouts. Developed by working with retail clients who were seeking to understand the movement trends of customers, employees and equipment throughout their stores. "Understanding these trends allows retailers to enhance common workflows such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store fulfilment and cart maintenance, and reduce productivity losses from process or equipment inefficiencies," explained Curren Shorte, Atrius Assets' senior product manager. He added that it is not only the asset location and telemetry information, but also the utilisation trends and movement analysis that are valuable to retailers. The cloud-based software service includes two web interfaces that provide administration capabilities and real-time visualisation, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for use in integrating Atrius Assets functionality into enterprise or third-party software. Working in real-time, the location of assets are enabled by the Atrius Ready Sensory Network and asset tags that use Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It can also be tailored unique to your business.