Garnier have been creating innovative products for over a hundred years. Their latest collection, the Pure Active Sensitive range, is designed for sensitive skin prone to acne and imperfections. A gentle but powerful cleansing and care routine that cleans without drying and reduces the appearance of blemishes and imperfections while soothing sensitive skin.

Garnier Pure Active Sensitive combines natural ingredients to create a balanced formula that combats sensitive, oil prone skin without aggravation or irritation. With the inclusion of zinc to purify and boost skins immunity, Garnier Pure Active Sensitive also comprises witch hazel, a powerful skin remedy with soothing properties. Providing a complete three- step routine, the Pure Active Sensitive range is made up of a soap-free Pure Active Sensitive Cleanser, a clarifying Pure Active Sensitive Toner and Pure Active Sensitive Moisturiser to soothe and hydrate with gentle, balancing care. Boasting a hypoallergenic and ph-neutral formula for optimal tolerance, Pure Active Sensitive is the perfect everyday regime that is gentle enough to meet your sensitive skin’s needs.