Steve Dunstan of Huffer

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Huffer began as a practical brand with waterproof and breathable garments for the active market. Founder and Director of Brand Steve Dunstan stays true to his beginnings today through his passion for purpose. Although his street wear is designed to be ahead of the trends, Steve also takes pride in its functionality. This is something Steve is interested in when it comes to the business of the Huffer brand. Steve believes process is all about patience and as a wholesaler and retailer he is very interested in his customers’ experience with the brand. From his Greys Ave store and creative space you can see how a feeling of affinity, as well as ease, is associated with Huffer as Steve likes customers to stay a while, to socialise and even have a coffee at the store. Being a part of NZ Fashion Week this year furthers Huffer’s engagement with its followers but will also show a more feminine side to Huffer, with a capsule womenswear range, designed with Amy McFarlane, being featured. Steve’s favourite thing about fashion is its ability to both engage others and express the inner self. Likewise, his least favourite thing about fashion is when people follow trends and don’t own their own style. Style is how you carry yourself and with such an expressive tool as fashion you shouldn’t just buy into it but be it.

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