No stranger to silver and gold, swimmer Sophie Pascoe has secured a four year sponsorship with Christchurch-based retailer Silvermoon. Having won a combined 10 medals from the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games, Pascoe now finds herself surrounded with gold and silver jewellery of a different kind. Silvermoon founder Simon Thwaites believes that “Christchurch-born Sophie is one of New Zealand’s most well-known sporting professionals and is a determined, courageous young athlete, as well as a role model and ambassador for many”. Expressing and interest in the fashion industry before the swimmer said, “The past few years have been an amazing journey for me – it’s great to be able to work in areas outside of the sport that I also have a passion for”.
Silvermoon has been co-owned the past three and a half years however in late January this year Thwaites took sole control of the company. “We were both looking at future investment opportunities and came to amicable agreement that Peter would pursue new opportunities that would utilize his breadth of business experience and I would purchase the balance of Silvermoon and focus on its continued growth,” said Thwaites. Founded in 2000 and with 12 stores nationwide the longevity of the company was seriously challenged by the Canterbury earthquakes. The first of which destroyed the company’s head office and the second saw the closing of its New Colombo street location, Eastgate outlet and Palms outlet. Thwaites attributes the growth and strength through these times to the continued perseverance of his loyal staff.

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