The Best Shoes For Growing Feet this Autumn/Winter!

The Bobux Autumn/Winter 2020 range is themed around the occasions our shoes are worn. Bobux aims to inspire parents to see where Bobux can take their child in everyday life situations - on adventures, little or large!

This collection shows how each pair is designed to meet the needs of our littlest explorers. From Waterproof Boots and shoes to classic Leather Lined boots for their favourite winter outing.

Designed by their New Zealand based design team lead by Nicola Williamson - an expert in leather materials and more importantly, a mother of two who has also grown up in Bobux shoes.

Shoes for our little ones also must stay on-trend. One trend that Bobux has adapted is the ever-so-popular sneaker. Working with wider fashion trends and altering them to fit the youngest customers is natural for Bobux. It's time for us to draft up our outfits we'd pair with Bobux.

This new collection has focused on using unique materials, textures and finishes - more so than their previous collections. It highlights the beautiful leather, quality craftsmanship and luxe design features.

One of our favourites from this collection is the Jodhpur - a winter winner! A navy & caramel wonderland, what's not to love?

The collection is now available online and through selected retailers. For information on stocking Bobux at your store, send an email to