Unincorporated: A Creative Activation

Unincorporated brings together creatives representing nationwide communities for the common goal of celebrating and promoting young creatives, that are championing sustainable, inclusive artistic practises. From fashion, photography, painting and jewellery, young creatives are seizing the moment to create a movement.

Within the 10 days of operation, Unincorporated aims to create meaningful connections between New Zealand creatives and the wider community. This is the beginning of a creative sector that is nurtured, locally produced and socially responsible.

To achieve this, there will be a commotion in the heart of Parnell. Immerse yourself in the activation at 135 Parnell Road. The space will be active from 11am – 6pm, daily, with late nights Thursday – Saturday from Friday the 11th of December until Sunday the 20th of December. It’s free to enter, head along with an open mind and a conscious attitude to exhibit the space. You can pre-order/pre-purchase creatives work at the activation also.

The creatives care about the environment and inclusivity - step into the activation to support them and learn more about how they are promoting this kaupapa through their artistic practise.

Unincorporated will feature work from: Totty Bowman, Chris Antonio, Pera May, Nicola Guidote, Wei Huang, Jamie TeHeuHeu and Desi Hirner.

Instagram: @un_incorpratedactivation
Facebook: @unincorporatedactivation
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