United Nude x Shaun Ross: Unisex heeled boots

Heels are no longer exclusively for women. Rem D Koolhaas' company, United Nude, has collaborated with top model Shaun Ross to create a stylish, high-heeled, unisex boot. This design was created "with no particular individual in mind". With that being said, heeled boots have always been a staple for women and men, granted, it was previously generically catered to female consumers only. However, it's only apparent a creation like this had to be done to highlight this trend: high-heeled boots for both men and women. This collaboration and design aim to break the stereotype that heels are only for women.

The United Nude x Shaun Ross high-heeled boot is available in two staple colourways, black and white. Both using soft napa leather in its design. There are also two designs of the boot that you can choose from, one that reaches the upper calf and the other that hits the perfect ankle height. The height of the heel for both versions remain the same.

The boot incorporates a trendy square toe with angular heel blocking that creates a sharp and put-together look. The design snatches the ankle to elevate the legs while the functional loop at the back of the shoe is included for easy access. This design turns a classic boot into something stylish yet timeless.

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