Wedding planning during this time has been hard for many. A wedding planning diary that has dates crossed out over and over again seems to be the reality for most.

Bridal company Grace Loves Lace has adapted to the new 'norm' of social distancing and lockdown measures by launching virtual fittings and 24/7 online chats with its bride-to-be's.

Grace Loves Lace began by allowing one person in store at a time, whilst practising social distancing measures between stylist and the bride. Now they're introducing their new Virtual Fittings offering to help those who cannot afford to make the trip in person.

It's a great opportunity for brides who may have paused all wedding planning initiatives due to COVID-19 to use their newfound spare time to steadily prepare for their big day. Wedding planning should be able to go ahead, and with innovative and adaptive ways companies like Grace Loves Lace are incorporating, the less stress brides will be in during this time.