Welcome to the Huffer House

A New Zealand fashion favourite - Huffer, launches a transformational retail concept to create and facilitate social connections.

Huffer has been on a journey to create one powerful roof to bring together and cultivate communities that share similar values in the heart of Auckland city. The result? The Huffer House is born - in the new Britomart Hotel Building.

Huffer has been on a journey to flip the script on how they approached retail, responsibility to community and bringing people together. The work took over 12 months to complete, diving deep into the brand to enhance what community meant for the now 23-year-old brand.

The concept is an investment in people and supports the brands Social Sustainability and Mental Health Wellbeing awareness programmes while allowing Huffer retail to take its place in a new world.

The Huffer House was completed at the end of 2019 - before the world knew of COVID, clusters and social distancing.

Founder Steven Dunstan made the tough call to continue as he knew this is Huffer's retail of the future. Although the pandemic is not what anyone anticipated, timing was actually great for Dunstan.

"The Huffer House concept is based on a house. It's our house and everyone is welcome to hang out. For us, it's important to have a place to bring community together and what better timing than in a pandemic that could push communities away from each other," explained Dunstan.

Huffer also needed a space for their Mental Health Awareness programme; People Presence.

The Huffer House will have the 'Yellow Desk' which represents the kitchen area within a traditional house. It creates an opportunity to hang out and share.

"Creating the opportunity to hang out, people can be with people and experiences can be meaningful. We will showcase local hero's, artists and friends of Huffer who can share their talents and their stories."

The Huffer House will be in Britomart and will be opening on the 5th of November 2020.

"This will be the first of this community experience retail and we will be transforming other stores around the country over the next two years."