Witchery’s Bold Expansion

Witchery is unveiling a new retail store in Christchurch’s The Crossing. The location is a 223 square-metres store, which has been architecturally designed especially for its home in Christchurch’s premier shopping haven. The new store will offer both womenswear and Witchery’s popular childrenswear collections which have separate boys and girls lines. The store will include digital screens projecting brand imagery, as well as an accessories lounge. Following steady growth in the New Zealand market, Witchery is showing confidence in physical retail despite the difficulties faced by other fashion chains.

The brand is owned by The Country Road Group, and already have 14 stores across New Zealand, including in some of the premium retail spaces across the country. According to a CBRE report, at least 50 international brands have earmarked New Zealand’s biggest cities as their next port of expansion, and Witchery’s new store shows that The Country Road Group are cementing a strong physical presence from which to compete with new entrants.