Jordan Ewing discovered her passion for elegance and refined gowns from watching the Hollywood red carpet while growing up in Tecoma, Washington, in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. “Creating and drawing came naturally to me from a young age,” she explained. “I started recreating the glamour and grace of bridal designs, marrying old Hollywood styles with modern flair.” At age 24, Ewing already owns and operates her own boutique – Zuri Bridal in Atlanta, Georgia.

“ZURI is a brand-new company,” she said. “The catalyst for the opening of my boutique was the recent heartbreaking passing of my grandparents and my deep desire to make them proud. “The name Zuri is my middle name, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Swahili.”

Ewing is the sole designer of a small and intimate team. “The most gratifying aspects of the design process for me are sketching, fabric sourcing and draping,” she told Apparel. “These steps work hand-in-hand, one inspiring the other. Sketching allows my mind endless style possibilities, while fabric sourcing offers unlimited inspiration for design.” She believes strongly in fair trading and makes sure that all workers are fairly compensated for their work.

ZURI was invited to Vancouver Fashion Week to show its newest bridal collection, Timeless. “Timeless is my tribute to my grandparents’ era. This collection accentuates the romantic, ethereal feeling of a more classical time while adding a modern, polished flair.” By showcasing her work at VFW, Ewing hopes to expand the reach of ZURI to a larger community, potentially offering much greater opportunities.