Maggie Marilyn tackles transparency

New Zealand’s liveable luxury brand Maggie Marilyn has debuted a fresh website which highlights the brand’s focus on transparency and sustainability.

Customers of Maggie Marilyn can now explore in depth every element of the brand’s supply chain and business model. The website includes an extraordinary range of speaking points, from factories, supplies and packaging to the brand’s community work, new strategies and a guide to caring for clothes sustainably.

“It is incredibly important to me to be completely transparent about our supply chain,” said Maggie Hewitt, the company’s founder. “I want to not only talk about everything we are proud of but also talk about the many challenges we face as a sustainable business trying to influence systemic change.”

The site’s many focus points have been broken down under three categories, People, Planet and Prosperity. Key talking points from each group include the brand’s supplier code of conduct, their 2020 sustainable fabric commitments and the label’s charitable partnerships.

“I believe it is my responsibility to do better than those before me. I want to produce clothing that enriches the lives of the customer however Maggie Marilyn clothing must equally enrich the lives of the people in our supply chain and the life of our home, mother nature,” said Hewitt.

To make the information more accessible to its consumers, the company has also included a sustainable language guide to assist its users in navigating the content.

“My hope is that our website can be a platform for information and education. A place where our customers can come to learn where, how and by whom their clothes were made, what we stand for as a business; our achievements, goals and challenges and how to love and care for their clothes,” concluded Hewitt.