Summer Shoes for your Baby: Bobux

As the warmer weather approaches, comfort is vital for your baby's feet. Choosing the right seasonal shoes for your child is extremely important. Summer shoes must be light, flexible and well-ventilated.

The Bobux Soft Sole shoes are perfect for newborns, made with light-weight and soft materials. The Jump sandal line is great for first walkers, featuring flexibility for developing feet. For toddlers, the I-walk line is great for quick walkers with ultimate comfort. If your child is extremely active, then the Soul, Hampton and Driftwood sandals in the Kids+ range ensures durability.

Footwear for children is essential during a hot Summers day. However, it is important to allow your child's feet to breathe. Going barefoot for a few minutes a day is a great option.

The development of a child's foot needs love and care. Bobux shoes are created and designed by podiatrists and engineers who understand the form and function of a developing foot. Choosing the right shoe for Summer ensures healthy feet throughout youth and beyond.