10 Ways to Master Last Minute Christmas Marketing

By Kaylie Smith, Head of SMB for Facebook, Australia and New Zealand
  1. Target those last-minute shoppers. Haven’t started your Christmas promotions yet? Well, you can be sure that a large number of customers haven’t given Christmas shopping a second thought either. Use this to your advantage! Make life easier for this audience by providing solutions to common Christmas shopping troubles (‘Christmas gifts for your mum/nephew sorted!’), and use promotions like free express delivery to help lighten the load for your customers.
  2. Think GLOBAL. Did you know that over 38 million people are connected to a business in New Zealand on Facebook? While this is only one platform where you can target your customers, it shows us that there’s no need to limit your promotions to a local audience.
  3. It's all about you! New competition is always on the horizon but focus on what’s unique and exciting about your brand and promote it accordingly. Be smart about who you’re targeting - there is a wealth of data available online to help you. Constantly test and evolve your approach, for example running A/B tests of static ads vs. a more immersive video format, to make sure that your promotions are effective.
  4. Use your budget wisely. One of the most cost-effective ways to advertise during the peak holiday season is focusing on people who are already familiar with your brand to drive them to purchase in store, online or in your mobile app. Use your existing subscriber lists and social media platforms to connect with these audiences.
  5. Get even more creative! There are many creative tools available for businesses to take a simple product and make it pop at this time of year. With creative apps like Instagram’s Hyperlapse and Boomerang, great natural light, a simple tripod, and backdrops that contextualise your product, you can turn any space into your creative studio.
  6. It’s obvious… but get on mobile. Last year for the first time more products were sold on Facebook on mobile than desktop. We’re entering a new era of mobile-first shoppers, whether it’s researching and deciding on a product to buy in-store, or buying directly from mobile.
  7. Don’t forget about your in-store customers. We know that purchases in-store have been influenced by mobile advertising. On Facebook, use the ad formats (Store Visits) that have been created specifically for these potential customers to advertise the store nearest to their physical locations and send them into your store.
  8. Why not tell your story with video? Video is becoming a key marketing tool for retailers. Based on our research, most people scroll through their Facebook or Instagram feeds on-the-go and as a result, videos are often viewed without sound. Try to incorporate captions, logos and products, so your message comes across clearly without sound. Tools like Hyperlapse, Rewind and Boomerang can also help you to create impressive videos.
  9. Stuck for stories? Leverage your customers! If you have existing brand advocates there is no better time than the holiday period to tell their stories. Has someone had a great experience with your brand or used your product in a creative way? Share their stories and invite your broader community to do the same.
  10. It's not all over after 25th December! After Christmas is an excellent time to deepen your relationship with the customers you worked so hard to acquire during the holiday season and convert them to repeat buyers with the right demand generation and cross-sell programs. Are you thinking about sales or trying to move excess stock in January? Then you can retarget customers who bought before Christmas or throughout the year with an offer, promotion or sale.