Kim Cattrall's earliest memory of fashion was her mother. Cattrall was a huge fan of Mary Poppins growing up and remembers her mum watching it. She also recalls Julie Andrews being nominated for an Academy Award and watching the awards, seeing all these beautiful hairdos and fashion. “They looked like gods and goddesses, and I couldn’t help thinking that there’s another world out there that is interesting and beautiful and exciting,” she explained. Her mother was the MC of fashion shows in department stores in Liverpool before Cattrall was born and said her mother always had a keen eye for fashion. “I remember her describing to me and helping me pronounce Balenciaga when I was very young and feeling so privileged that my mother knew something that the other mums didn’t,” she said. “She is 87 now and still gets up every morning and puts her makeup on and loves shopping. She is still very much a girl as well as a fascinating woman, but I owe her a lot. She presented to me the world of movies, and escape and literature, and also style.”

Jumping forward a couple of years, Cattrall found herself working with the iconic stylist Patricia Field on the TV hit series, Sex And The City. Cattrall said Field was such an inspiration to her and worked completely differently to what she was used to. “She would go to garage sales in Miami or look at kids on the street or go to Paris runways and find something. Her imagination never stopped. Her investment in the characters was always there and always fun, but at the same time if it didn’t work for whatever reason, she would be completely open and say well we don’t have to do that, let’s try this,” Cattrall explained. Cattrall joked in Field’s voice saying “‘I think you should do that scene with the fierce heels on, it would be amazing.’ And I’d think wow that’s a brilliant idea! And now Samantha is in bed with this guy with four-inch heels on!”

In New Zealand as the new ambassador for Specsavers, Cattrall said she had worn her personal glasses for a couple of her characters. “I remember I picked a pair of glasses for Sensitive Skin, which is my new series on Netflix, and for some reason, they hadn’t been treated properly, they were very reflective, and we were having a difficult time. I substituted them with another pair of glasses, and they then became the character’s glasses,” she added.

Cattrall believes that there are no stereotypes around glasses anymore. That when one looks at someone’s face you are looking into that person's eyes. “There’s that great expression in French, dans les yeux, which means ‘in the eyes’, and people do that when they cheers. I think that it’s something more than any other fashion statement or accessory, that’s what people look at is your face and your eyes. When it comes to the frames Cattrall has chosen, she said that they reflect her, who she is, the mood she is in and where she is. She likes to look very natural and make her glasses part of who she is and feels like there is a perfect harmony between her and her glasses. Cattrall was nervous about her first pair of glasses at the age of ten, because of the repercussions of four eyes and wondering if guys wouldn’t find her attractive anymore. “But now we live in a world of so much more choice and the internet. It has become the ultimate fashion statement,” Cattrall added. Forget a walk-in wardrobe, at this point; Cattrall has more glasses than shoes. Cattrall still has her first pair of glasses which were clear with a little black line and had little diamantes on the corners. “The don’t fit, my head has gotten a lot bigger, and I don’t mean metaphorically! I still love them.”

Cattrall is on the search to find Specsavers’ next Spectacle Wearer Of The Year in New Zealand. Specsavers first came to Cattrall’s representatives in the United States, and she did some research on the company. “I really like what the company is about. It was put together by optometrists, and there is philanthropy involved with the business. I just thought, wow they are providing a service here that I think is useful and doing it with a lot of choice and panache.”
For the next Spectacle Wearer Of The Year, Cattrall is looking for originality but also to learn more about the person wearing the glasses. “It’s more about the joining together of a statement that they are making that’s very connected to them individually,” she explained. She believes glasses can completely change one’s look and enhance what is going on. Cattrall said it is important to know your body, specifically your facial structure. Otherwise, it can go the complete opposite; it can be out of tune for what works as a whole. Cattrall advises looking for glasses that work for you and what registers in your mind that makes you feel good.

In the future, Cattrall said she would absolutely love to make her own eyewear collection with Specsavers. “They would all look good on me. I would start with myself and what I like. I think they would be very colourful.”