Fashion Exposed Now maestro, Marie Kinsella offers an insider look into the fashion trade event of the year.

  1. It's not Fashion Exposed
    "We want it to be a premium fashion industry event with a focus on womenswear and apparel," she says. The event's predecessor launched in 2000 as a mammoth one-stop-shop for the industry, peaking at over 500 exhibiting companies across multiple categories. "Fashion Exposed Now is edited and curated," Kinsella adds. " There is a small element of high-end accessories and a small element of high-end footwear which compliments the apparel offering. This is very different from how we ran Fashion Exposed."
  2. It's all about giving buyers good margins
    "The broad base is the retail price for apparel needs to be starting at $100 to be part of the show," Kinsella explains. "Then we have another section of the show called Buyer's Edit, which is $300 retail and up. We have focused on developing a premium event and that's how we are creating the foundations. Putting criteria around it and having it reviewed by a knowledgeable group in the fashion industry who believe it would suit Fashion Exposed Now."
  3. Brands are tested, reviewed and tested again
    "We look at the website, we look at the stockists, we review the price point of the offering," Kinsella continues, shedding light on the exhibitor reviewing process. "We call and have conversations. If there are a range of brands in their stable, we ask which ones they'd like to show. That is basically the process of how we get to a company, whether it be an individual brand or an agent taking a stand at Fashion Exposed Now."
  4. Sydney's next!
    The next instalment of Fashion Exposed Now will be in Sydney on the 10th and 11th of February. Both editions will take place on a Saturday and Sunday, allowing delegates to focus on their core business during the week. "It will be short, sharp and a great experience for the retailers," Kinsella believes. "And we look forward to them really benefiting from attending."