A Collection Made From Fabric Offcuts by The Warehouse

The Warehouse has launched a new recycled cotton clothing collection made with fabric offcuts. The new range is part of The Warehouse’s wider efforts to increase its range of sustainable products.

“When clothing is made, fabric off-cuts often end up being discarded as landfill. We’re giving these perfectly good materials a second life by recycling them into new fabrics,” Tania Benyon, The Warehouse Chief Product Officer said.

“Each item in our new recycled cotton range, saves water, chemicals, dyes, and carbon emissions, compared to a regular cotton garment."

“Our manufacturing partner takes fabric waste and converts it into new yarn by blending the recycled cotton fibres with viscose made from wood pulp."

“This is then knitted into new fabric without the addition of further dyes or chemical treatment.”

The new recycled cotton options are part of The Warehouse’s private label H&H and Young Originals brands and include a range of styles across men’s, women’s and kidswear.

The Warehouse also uses recycled materials across its range of men’s puffer jackets and within its activewear collection. 

By 2025, The Warehouse aims to have 50 percent of its apparel collection feature sustainable materials and packaging.

“We want to make it easy and affordable for people to make sustainable choices and we’re always looking for new opportunities to develop products using recycled materials.”

The Warehouse is also a proud partner of the Better Cotton Initiative, which trains farmers on how to use water efficiently, care for the health of the soil and natural habitats and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. More than 65 percent of The Warehouse cotton is currently sourced through the programme.