Dyson is famous for their vacuums but they are slowly but surely taking over the beauty scene with their innovative hair styling tools.

After seven years of development, Dyson has launched the first and only straightener with flexing plate technology which delivers an enhanced style while putting less damage on your hair.

The Dyson Corrale is a hair straightener that showcases Dyson's expertise in battery technology as it is completely cord-free just like their Dyson vacuum cleaners.

"With conventional hair straighteners, hair tends to slip out from the plates as you're passing the styler through, forcing you to go over the same section of hair multiple times," said Micheal Bell, Dyson Styling Ambassador.

"With the Dyson Corrale straightener's flexing plates I have more control and love how it gathers the hair to keep it where it needs to be for a more even style with less reliance on heat."

Available in New Zealand online from the 24th of April.