A New Tool That Knows What Your Hair Needs

GHD has created a new hair straightener that features ground-breaking technology that provides your hair with just what it needs. The new GHD platinum+ is the world’s first smart straightener and contains an ultra-zone that adjusts the power according to your hair thickness, section size and the speed at which you are styling your hair. With a fast heat system, it is ready to use in 20sec and promises quick results, shine and a smooth finish.

"We’ve taken sensing and heating technology to the physical maximum with platinum+," said Dr Tim Moore, GHD vice president of Smart Devices. "By having a sensor which covers the whole area of the heater, and algorithms which smartly predict what the heater needs to do next, this straightener can ensure definitive styling longevity and shine, without the damage. It is the ultimate hair styling tool."

The GHD Platinium+ straightener will be available from September 2018.