A Record Period for NZ Post

New Zealand Post experienced record deliveries during the recent holiday period, proving their dedication to Kiwis around the country.

A record number of 14.5 million parcels were delivered over the November and December period of 2018, equivalating to an average of 2.9 parcels being delivered every second. NZ Post’s chief executive, David Walsh, released a statement sharing the impressive news and praising the company for their hard work. “These figures show our focus on our parcels business is the right one. Our operational performance has been a stand out for the first six months of this year and has shown significant improvement for us.”

The increase in deliveries resulted in a $19 million increase in revenue for the company for the six months leading up to the 31st December 2018. This increase in revenue translated to a rise in profits, from $6 million in the previous corresponding year to $7 million.

“It is the parcel business that is generating this growth,” divulged Walsh. The chief executive attributed this growth to the increasing popularity of online shopping. The parcel business is an area where NZ Post is committed to fostering further growth.