VANCOUVER, BC - SEPTEMBER 22: A model walks the runway wearing A.Season at 2017 Vancouver Fashion Week - Day 5 on September 22, 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

Made up of two designers Jeehyun Jessica Lee and Shin Young Park, both 30-years-old, A.SEASON values the fit of clothing on the human body. The brand explores fashion practices and designs through the process of transforming the intangible beauty found in mundane everyday life into a tangible human structure. “We believe that the element of beauty exists within all things and it can be realised with efforts to see it.”

Using high-quality fabrics and timeless design, the duo launched the brand this season at Vancouver Fashion Week. Friends from high school, the two grew up in entirely different cultures after that. “We had the same career, taste, and vision, so we decided to start the business together,” explained Lee. The brand’s name embraces the meaning of all season, no season, any season, one season and the best season. “Which speaks our commitment to creating clothes that draw no seasonal or age boundaries.”

Lee and Park were born in Seoul, South Korea, but Lee immigrated to Vancouver when she was a teenager. Lee graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in Economics and Theatre Design.  Afterwards, she pursued a fashion design career which had always been her dream. Lee finished her Fashion Design diploma at Blanche Macdonald Centre Vancouver and then moved to London. There, she graduated from Istituto Marangoni London with her Masters in Fashion Design Womenswear and then worked with some prestigious fashion houses including Lisa Redman.

Park studied Clothing Science at university, and after graduation, she worked as a designer for four years at renowned fashion brands such as Italy-based womenswear brand Sisley Korea. She then furthered her education with an MBA so she could study and experience the fashion scene in Paris as an exchange student as well. Now, Park is conducting a doctoral course in the fashion department at Seoul National University.

The two designers believe that Vancouver Fashion Week will continue to grow rapidly and gain influence as it becomes the ideal marketing platform for emerging designers like A.SEASON. “Everything from the first look to the last one; everything was a highlight to us as it was the beginning of A.SEASON. Also, we had a sales booth at the VFW, and it was an amazing experience as well. We had so many customers loving our garments and buying from us. Thanks to VFW and our customers, we have another pop-up store next week,” added Park.

Their plan for the coming year is to do a show in Tokyo with Vancouver Fashion Week.

The duo wants to expand A.SEASON globally and reach out to other cities in Canada and America, as well as other major cities such as Tokyo, Paris, and Seoul. “We want to consolidate our brand identity as the one that provides the best quality and fit for customers at a reasonable price.” Still in the process of gaining new retailers, Lee and Park said they are interested in partnering with stores who share the same values as them. For more information, visit www.aseason.net.