Aimee Cowan at Kirsty Bunny Management

Photo Credit: David James

This model first discovered her love for the industry as a young girl, acting as a stand-in for her mother's photography shoots. “My mum was a photographer, and she used to have me be the subject to test some of her lighting setups,” reminisced Cowan.

The model has come a long way since standing in for her mother’s shoots, having walked in three shows for the most recent edition of iD Dunedin Fashion Week. Cowan featured in the Breast Cancer Charity show, the iD Dunedin 20th Anniversary Show and the International Emerging Designers Show. This was the model's first year representing iD Dunedin Fashion Week, but she was able to land a variety of shows.

“Just be confident, and love what you do.”

Walking in these shows allowed Cowan to represent a variety of designer’s work, which they had invested an intense amount of their time and passion into. “I most enjoy being able to see the fashion industry from a more behind-the-scenes perspective and seeing how much dedication and hard work goes into every step," explained Cowan. "I love seeing the passion people put into their work." Cowan has a great excitement for the fashion industry, believing that the key to success is being sure of yourself and your place in the community. “Just be confident, and love what you do,” concluded the model.

Cowan is currently attending University, juggling her modelling career with her education, and is able to find a passion and appreciation for both fields.